Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we give equal importants to the academics as well as extra-curricular activities like sports culturals and other activities. We believe students who join groups for extracurricular activities can improve their overall learning experiences and future careers depending on the activities chosen. We help our students to build their future according to their talents.

No, You have probably heard time and time again, private institutions are always more expensive than public. Though it can be the case that private college tuition fee is higher, it’s not always true. Our Institution receive funding from government at both the federal and state level, which can make us the most affordable option for students.

Yes, Deserving students with excellent academic records are given educational scholarships and fee concessions. Eligible Students can avail the following Scholarships; Post matric Scholarship, Minority Scholarship, etc. Along with good scholarship programs college also provides loan facility to poor students.

There is a wide variety of activities at MTM College ranging from traditional sports to academic teams to specialized clubs. For a general list of activities and more details, click HERE.